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A nursing student in the middle of no where and my maroon beanie hat.I am obsessed with food, exercise, neuroscience, shipping, art history, and other things. I tend to rant about my life and write personal posts.


couldnt resist showing you the coincidence.
—- Ahhhaha this is perfect.
10. April 2014

June 10 - July 7

The wren Celtic animal sign is associated with freshness, and opening to new insights, and sunnier dispositions. They are natural care givers and will sign sweet melodies to cheer their friends and family. They remain calm in the midst of stormy weather. You want to have these people with you if you find yourself in a crisis; they are resourceful and stay cool under pressure. Wrens are self-motivated (they know how to get what they want) and work best in solo situations. They are also have a high sense of responsibility and moral integrity. They seek balance in their lives by being leaders at work on in the community, but secretly they would rather be traveling abroad living a life of a gypsy (this however, is often against their better judgment).

This fits me so well.